Saturday, June 6, 2009

Archie the Giant Hawk

Archie the Giant Hawkfish - with a Giant Story
giant hawkfish
taken with a nokia 6085

Archie, the Giant Hawkfish.
A beloved pet and family friend.

A Warrior has fallen.
Not the first time this soldier had fought death.
He fought each arrow and sword with courage.
The last arrow was overwhelming,
but didn't back down.
Surrender was not an option, he rather it take his life until he had no more strength left in his body
Each hour he was shutting down.
Up until his last breath was nothing but a warrior fighting alone on a field never fought before by anyone.
A trojan horse that was meant to support him, turned on him and struck him in the weakest area.

As he lay there defenseless taking damage to his body, his face remained the same, the same Archie.
He tried so hard with his eyes, to follow my arm, and hands.
As he did in the happy times
This is one guard i would have protect my fortress if any enemy decided to invade
He wouldn't let anyone look at his fort without notice
The final hours were spent in agony and torchure
Until he finally went into an eternal sleep.
Never to suffer again.

As he lay there, his stance was that of a warrior..
As if he was ready to attack something.

Bring it on death !

Alex C.

Archie peering out
taken with a nokia 6085

Archie chillin
taken with a nokia 6085

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